Faith Like a Mustard Seed


Jesus had described true discipleship. The Son of Man had nowhere to lay his head. Those who put family first need to put the kingdom first. Wavering or looking back makes one not fit. The cost of following him is everything. We must carry our cross and give up possessions. How could anyone have the faith to do these things?


Let’s learn that we already have enough faith to fulfill big dreams.

Sermon Plan

We will discuss faith and duty in Luke 17:5-10.
Tiny Faith Big Action
Jesus contrasted a small seed and a large tree. Faith is powerful. The smallest amount can accomplish much. Faith has to be used for really big things and even living lives of radical self-sacrifice for others. Ants can carry 10-50 times their body weight. How much bigger is a tree compared to a mustard seed? That’s the power of faith.
Jesus said to talk to the tree and tell it to move. Faith must be put to work because faith without good works is dead (James 2:14-26). Do we let circumstances keep us from doing good? What circumstances do we need to move out of the way? How do we move a tree? One small task at a time.

Faith to Go Beyond

Noah took 120 years to build a barge as long as 5 football fields. Naval architects and structural engineers have concluded that the shape was optimal for the stresses involved. Abraham was 75 years old and had to move his entire family to another country. Sarah was way past childbearing age and believed what God had promised and was faithful.
How much faith does it take to be a Christian and obey Jesus? How much faith is needed to go beyond mere duty and do really big things? How much faith does it take to build a church that is a bright light and not just another museum to generations long dead? Is it faith the size of a mustard seed?

Outro/Take Home

It was not that the disciples lacked faith, but simply needed to put it to work. The smallest amount of faith can accomplish great things. We can be afraid or we can take action. We already have enough faith to fulfill big dreams. Let’s just do it.