Big Pool Discipleship 101 Week 03

Week 3 Genesis 43-50; Exodus 1-12 Questions for Discussion
In Genesis 43 how did the brothers’ continued sin come back to haunt them? Did polygamy make the family weakness of favoritism even worse? In Genesis 44 why did Joseph set his brothers up? How did it play out? In Genesis 45 why was Joseph no longer able to contain himself? Did God have a purpose in all this family drama?
In Genesis 46 why did God encourage Jacob to go to Egypt? How many of the sons of Jacob can you name? How do they foreshadow the apostles? In Genesis 47 how did God take care of Joseph’s family? Was Joseph’s deal with the people righteous or extortion? Why? In Genesis 48 Manasseh and Ephraim are discussed, who later form two separate tribes. Which tribe later left its place to retain the number of 12 tribes of Israel? How does this relate to the apostles?
In Genesis 49 was Joseph blessing his sons mean spirited or right and just? Why? Which tribe did Judah become? In Genesis 50 why was Joseph’s forgiveness of his brothers so important? Congratulations! You have finished Genesis.
In Exodus 1 how did the circumstances for the Israelites change after Joseph’s death? What caused the political situation to change? What atrocity did Pharaoh plan? In Exodus 2 how was Moses born? What crime did he commit that caused him to flee the country? How old was Moses when he fled? In Exodus 3 why was the experience with the burning bush so significant? How old was Moses when God appointed him to lead Israel? Is there a significance to his preparation by being a shepherd 40 years?
In Exodus 4 was Moses almost too humble? Why was God angry with him? In Exodus 5 what was the result of Moses and Aaron’s first effort in Egypt? Does this kind of thing happen a lot in doing God’s will? What did God say? In Exodus 6 how was Moses received by the Israelites? Why would God insist upon sending a man with faltering lips?
In Exodus 7 why would God perform a miracle that the magicians also performed? What is the significance of the plague of blood? In Exodus 8 what is the significance of the plagues of frogs, gnats and flies? In Exodus 9 what is the significance of the plagues of cattle sickness, boils and hail?
In Exodus 10 what is the significance of the plagues of locusts and darkness? In Exodus 11 what is the significance of the death of the firstborn? Is God fair? In Exodus 12 what is the name of the first Month? What happened on the 10th day? What happened on the 14th day? What is the significance of bitter herbs? What is the significance of unleavened bread for Christians? What is the significance of the lamb for Christians? What is the significance of being symbolically circumcised through baptism for Christians? How does coming out of Egypt picture coming out of the bondage of sin?