3 wishes and a hen


What do we think of Christ? Do we want him in our lives or not?


Let us understand that even religious people sometimes don't want Jesus in their lives.

Sermon Plan

We will look at the bullying of Christians, how we view Christ, 3 wishes and a hen, and a grumpy girl.

Bullying of Christians

Woe to those who speak out about Jesus especially when it threatens the powers that be. Those powers can be members of the news media, national political leaders or even a local church. Herod Antipas was a political bully like his father. He intimidated people and threatened the life of Jesus, like a fox threatens a hen who would gather her chicks (Luke 13:31-35). But the harassment of Christ and the bullying of those who come in his name is normal. Jesus told Jerusalem that they would not see him again until they say, “Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.” Those who come in the name of Jesus Christ expect a rude welcome from politicians and the media. How do we in the church treat those who come in the name of the Lord?

3 men and an elephant

3 men were blindfolded and allowed to touch an elephant. One touched its trunk and declared it to be a snake. One touched a leg and declared it to be a tree. One touched its tail and declared it to be a rope. It was only when the blindfold was removed that they saw an elephant. So it is with Jesus. Those who see him only as a threat to their religion want him to leave. Those who seem him only as a threat to their political power want to kill him. Those who see him as a meal ticket only want to treat him and his followers as prey. But those who see him as he really is, the healer of all humanity, are willingly gathered together by Jesus Christ as a hen gathers her chicks (Luke 13:31-35).

3 wishes & a hen

In Luke 13:31-35 are three wishes. They only become obvious in the original Greek using the word thelo meaning to desire or wish. The first is from Herod who wished to kill Jesus. The second is from Jesus who wished only to gather the children of Jerusalem like a hen gathers her chicks. The third is from those children who wished not to be gathered. Herod thought he was a lion, but Jesus called him a fox, meaning that he was less of a threat than he thought. Human governments may threaten the church, but they cannot do what God will not allow. Herod threatened but Jesus knew that God is in control. A fox is also an outsider to the chicken coop. The chicks are insiders, but in this case do not desire the hen’s gathering. Do we?

A grumpy girl

I once worked in a place where there was a grumpy girl. She was hostile and easily angered and did not like anyone. So, I determined to treat her kindly and gently. I just knew that something must have been hurting her deep down inside. One day she asked, what would I do if she was my daughter and came home and told me she was pregnant. I simply replied that the first thing I would do would be to give her a big hug. She broke down and cried. Her parents had kicked her out of the house. They were church goers, but had missed the most important thing that Jesus taught, love. In Luke 13:31-35 Jesus spoke of his wish for Jerusalem that had killed the prophets. He just wanted to take the city into his embrace.

Outro/Take Home

Do we wish Jesus in our lives to protect and bless us? That's his wish for us.