Sermon: Fixing America, Part 7 — Sexual Issues


The commandment against adultery is no longer on the books in most countries. We have the sexual revolution and all that comes with it. The consequences of our sexual sins have been very destructive, yet Jesus did not come to condemn us but to save us. 


Let’s understand how widespread and hardhearted our society has become towards sexual sins, yet still Jesus’ desire is to save us. 

Sermon Plan 

We will look at today’s sexual sins, the consequences and Jesus’ non-judgmental approach. 

Saved from Terrible Consequences 

Jesus (Luke 2:15-21) was so named because he would save people from sin (Matthew 1:20-23). Wrongdoing has consequences both now and forever. Having false gods causes us to rely on things that cannot rescue us from calamity. Idolatry causes people to look in the wrong direction for help. Misusing the name of the Lord causes us to take the only one who can help lightly. Not taking a day of rest causes stress and early death. Dishonoring our parents causes broken families, poverty and crime. Murder destroys families and neighborhoods. Adultery breaks marriages and families, and spreads distrust and disease. Theft takes away the peace and security of our neighborhoods. Bearing false witness fills the land with false advertising and distrust. Coveting causes crime and war. Only Jesus can rescue us from the consequences of our bad decisions. 

Running away from God 

Humanity runs away from God. Do we hate him? Are we ashamed and think that he will want to condemn us for all of the bad things we have done to each other? Is John 3:14-21 saying just the opposite of that? Rather than wanting to condemn the world, God sent Jesus into the world to save it. An example is Jesus’ encounter with a woman caught in the act of adultery (John 8). Those caught up in false religion condemned her. Jesus told them that if any of them was without sin, they ought to cast the first stone. None dared and Jesus said he did not condemn her. Instead of running from God, it is condemnatory religion which we should run from. God and the true religion of Jesus do not exist to condemn but to save. 

What Would Jesus Say? 

We are extremists. We either condemn adulterers, homosexuals, polygamists and cohabiting singles or we approve their actions. Jesus did neither. On one sexual sin, he said that in the beginning it was not so, but due to hardheartedness Moses allowed it. Jesus did not condemn a woman caught in a sexual sin, but told her to sin no more. He did not come to condemn the world (John 3:1-17). It does not mean that Jesus could not condemn the world, or that he will not at the judgment, but that he does not now. We also know that it is also not our business now to judge. So, what would Jesus say to sexual relationships that are different than was intended in the beginning? What would Jesus say to those who miss the sexual ideal? What should we say? 


Hardheartedness towards marital partners and right sexual relations has caused us much heartache. The consequences of our sexual sins have been very destructive, yet Jesus did not come to condemn us but to save us.